How To Get More Women in Tech: Don’t Call Yourself A Girl (Video)


By Meredith Lepore (Contributor, The Grindstone)

“If you want to be respected in tech as a woman, don’t call yourself a girl. See if we start referring to all the women who work in tech as women, then we will have a lot more women when we get rid of the girls. And when I say women, I mean people who menstruate and pay taxes.” — Caroline Drucker in her amazing presentation on How To Get More Women in Tech in Under A Minute at Ignite NYC.

Though the video is humorous at times, Caroline makes a profound point about semantics.

“When people refer to someone who is an adult woman as a girl it implies authority on the part of the speaker. Girl is a diminutive,” she said.

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  • Tané Tachyon

    As a woman in tech who knows various transwomen in tech and post-menopausal women in tech, I definitely take issue with her definition of “woman” as someone who menstruates and pays taxes. Even the latter part may not apply to at least one of the college women in tech I know.

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  • Anca

    Hear hear! I don’t take “girls” seriously either.

  • CCC

    Some people assume to be a woman in tech you must be ugly as well. Not shave and not wear makeup. This is one pretty lady who knows tech! I am now working on girls in Canada to get them out of the dark ages and into better jobs and pay :). Ladies math and science is more than bookeeping!