Silicon Boro: Tech Talent Toils In Queens (New York)


By Wilson Dizard (Writer, New York Post)

Jalak Jobanputra — a veteran venture capitalist with cred on both coasts and around the world — sees immigrants from India as a key ingredient energizing New York City’s tech boom, which she has helped build since the early days of dial-up.

“When you look at what makes strong entrepreneurs, perseverance is a large part of their success. Immigrants often have to persevere in adverse circumstances,” Jobanputra said.

“I think what makes a strong entrepreneur is pretty universal. It goes back to perseverance and having a vision flexible enough to pivot when necessary, and to be able to attract a strong team that complements your own skill set,” Jobanputra added.

In general, Jobanputra said she sees plenty of potential in Gotham’s nascent tech industry. Built upon a multicultural foundation, Silicon Alley serves a wide range of the city’s traditional industries — finance, art, media, and fashion — that must plug in or perish.

“Silicon Valley is always booming, but you don’t see the same breadth of fields of expertise as you do in New York,” Jobanputra said.

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  • Rena Graham

    i read about this one article concerning the young and dynamic foreign people who are helping US to be one of the biggest economy in the world. though the current economy is not that good, but these people including the FB owner, not a native american, making money in the US and vice versa.