Founder Labs Brings Its Silicon Valley Flair for Fostering Startups to Manhattan


By João-Pierre S. Ruth (Contributing Writer, Xconomy)

Picking the right team can make all the difference when launching a new venture. Starting on May 21, a group of some 16 designers, engineers, and marketing professionals will gather to form teams aimed at creating startups. Founder Labs, a five week “pre-incubator” program targeting concepts for the mobile sector, is ready for its Manhattan debut.

Shaherose Charania, CEO of Founder Labs and Women 2.0, said her program was created to help teams come together and validate their ideas prior to formally launching startups. While accelerator programs such as TechStars offer existing startups seed funding and the opportunity to pitch to potential investors, Founder Labs brings together individuals who may not have completely formed their ideas yet but are eager to explore entrepreneurship.

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About the guest blogger: João-Pierre S. Ruth is a technology journalist based in the New York City area. He has covered business news as a journalist for 14 years reporting and writing about wireless communications, consumer electronics, social media, information technology, and other industries. His website OpenBandwidth is a forum for news on technology, communications, media and the challenges innovative companies face. Follow him on Twitter at @jpruth.

  • Sireesha

    When does this happen in Bay Area or Los Angeles for Entrepreneurs like me?

    Thank you!

  • Angie

    Apply for the SF Founder Labs by June 24, 2011 here:

  • Rachel Phillips

    After founding and running a small medical management company in Los Angeles from 2002 to 2006, I have started a new company having created a web-based software program that incorporates the successful processes we used in our service-oriented company. Since 2007, after completing a manual pilot of this automated program with Blue Cross, Century City Hospital and NEC, I have been actively seeking funding to complete the programming of this valuable healthcare system. Unlike my initial company which I started using my own funds, I have found the struggle to procur funding for Medrok frustrating. The majority of investors are men and though I do not like to play the “gender victim” role have found that men do not seem to afford the same level of support/respect to women entrepreneurs. I have been told too many times by physicians that “you are just a nurse” and that I needed to align myself with physicians in order to attain credibility. Ironically, the physicians that I have involved in my search for funding have not shown the level of initiative that I would expect. Your goal to provide support from successful business women to women entrepreneurs is greatly needed.
    I am registering for the SF event today!