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Women 2.0 will have a booth at Web 2.0 Expo for the 2nd year in a row. Find us at in the non-profit pavilion exhibit space – we’d love to hear how you’re doing!

While Women 2.0 Business Plan Competition submissions are being furiously perfected before the clock strikes midnight, Women 2.0 is giving away two FULL conference passes to Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, April 22-25.

Web 2.0 hosts Web2Open unconference emphasizing discussion and participation around Web 2.0 topics. Register for a free badge for Web2Open using the the code “websf08opw” to get into Web2Open sessions, Expo Keynotes, Show Floor, Launch Pad, and Women’s Networking Evening on Thursday, April 24th from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at the Marriott’s View Lounge. If you attend Web2Open, you’ll also get a ribbon to attend 3 hybrid conference sessions: Creating a Coherent Social Strategy for Business, Influence is Overrated, and Taking Web 2.0 Offline and On the Desktop.

WIN one of two FULL Conference Passes to Web 2.0 Expo!

Two FULL Conference passes to Web 2.0 Expo (valued at $1,695 each) will go to the two who best answer the question, “How can Web 2.0 further improve your daily life?” Leave your answer in the comments section of this post, along with a valid email address. Winners will be notified April 19.

  • Debbie Liao

    Life gets incredibly busy with multi-tasking, work, new ideas, balancing friends/family and networking. Web 2.0 simplifies the connections with anniversary and/or bday reminders so I can still maintain relationships between the craziness of balancing. It also provides access and information to worlds I otherwise don’t have time to stay on top of – for example, media fragmentation, new mergers, Iraq war, earthquake science in the Bay Area, and the Olympics torch race. Life only gets more interesting and faster-paced with Web 2.0.

  • Aruni

    Although, I’d love to come I can’t see being able to fly to San Francisco next week from Austin unless you can cover the cost of airline tickets too. :-)

    Personally, I think Web 2.0 can improve my life by making it easier to take online connections offline at key times. It can also help by providing applications that help you solve day to day issues.

    I look forward to at least making it there over they May 10 weekend!

  • Ellen Petry Leanse

    2.0 improves lives by allowing people to connect powerfully across a variety of borders and boundaries, transcending conventional barriers of time, space, politics, ideologies and even presuppositions to connect in a meaningful way on shared interests, passions, opportunities, and even just moments of connection. By minimizing barriers found in the physical world, Web 2.0 can also set a stanadard for letting “real life” barriers relax, opening up space for conversation, collaboration, and mutually-beneficial opportunties that may not have otherwise been possible. Web 2.0 delivers the rich potential of interconnectedness.

  • Tina L Wong

    Daily life improvements I think vary from person to person, however generally continuing to further the opportunity for women to be able to connect as well among colleagues of various age groups, network in addition to surely the various organizations that many are apart of as well. Hoping for more discussions and forums, so that women can continue to build their network and further careers in the new generations and environments so that the percentages of young female technology experts, can feel confident and continue to strive for a better and positive role for younger women.

  • Lori

    There are so many ways that Web 2.0 has already changed my daily life! The more that web 2.0 apps and sites create ways to share information, the easier it is to keep track of the growing number of online services that I use every day.

    There are ways that web 2.0 can further improve my daily life, such as using more web apps and services that integrate with my computer software, i.e. using Flock browser to see an overview of the latest content that I track daily (rss, facebook, twitter, etc.)

    Another way would be to expand my online network by finding out what web 2.0 services are used by people that I know, and encouraging my frequent contacts to investigate and see if they would also benefit from using these apps and services.

  • Fayza

    I’m a mover and a shaker. I know that; people who know me know that. Being a brand new transplant to the area, now I just have to prove it to the great city of San Francisco. Web 2.0 continually allows me to show the world that one little woman from one little town in the little ol’ Midwest can turn a ripple into a hurricane, and a vision into a reality. Web 2.0 is my outlet, my soapbox, and my stage in helping me put the rubber to the road.

  • Lisa Pereira

    I’m finishing up my High School teaching credential in English and am realizing that with Web 2.0 I’ll be able to reach my high school students and maybe even inspire them to write and think more creatively. Web 2.0 will improve my daily life by motivating and inspring my students to become writers. I’ll no longer need to sell them on why it’s important to know how to write… I can simply show them with Web 2.0.

  • Claire Marshall

    Web 2.O introduces a host of new standards that allows web designers and programmers to create complex multi-platform applications that previously where restricted to a single OS. Webpages don’t just display data now they provide the visitors with rich interactive experiences, previously not possible with web 1.0.

    Wiki and blogging CMS based on web 2.0 standards has allowed a multitude of people around the world write webpages without needing to know html, allowing average computer users to share their knowledge and personal experiences in a whole new way.

    This has been a great boon to educators in particular because students can use the internet to find and post information on anything they want to do. For example our latest web 2.O project is helping to educate at risk K-12 art students across the nation. The students use the website display portfolios and asks for professional advice getting a career in animation.

  • Deepika Bajaj

    I believe that web 2.0 can make our lives better by creating internet properties that provide high-quality content to help us succeed in our careers and life. Women find it hard to find work-life balance. They need relevant content that nourishes their thoughts, helps them progress in their careers without waisting time over the internet to find it.That is why at Invincibelle, we try to bring you columns and interviews from expert. Why would you listen to anyone but who has been through the path before???

    Cheers to web 2.0 & women 2.0 !

  • Lisa Pereira

    I’m finishing up my High School teaching credential in English and am realizing that with Web 2.0 I’ll be able to reach my high school students and maybe even inspire them to write and think more creatively. Web 2.0 will improve my daily life by motivating and inspring my students to become writers. I’ll no longer need to sell them on why it’s important to know how to write… I can simply show them with Web 2.0.

    I’m also an adjunct instructor showing teachers how they can use technology in their K-12 classrooms. There are so many things teachers can use Web 2.0 for. Be it communicating or collaborating with other teachers. Or connecting with students and creating engaging projects.

  • Tess Rogers

    Wow the benefits are endless… Web2.0 technology enables people to search anything their hearts desire. From the person who is diagnosed w/ cancer to banking. Personally, I have researched varies cancers or any related(due to family or friends) health issues to shopping to banking, business or anything related to research in general. Whether it is something local to international.
    Several of my own personal transactions are over the web which has everything to do with Web 2.0. The consumer has change how they purchase things or conduct business. It not only caters to technologists and early adopters but to people that are remote basically all over the world. I know of organizations helping third world countries access the the Web. Web2.0 is how it makes it happen. Knowledge is power. Web2.0 creates the vechicle to information which translates to Empowerment.

  • Megan

    Web 2.0 already helps me source, filter, consolidate and share the information I find most valuable to my daily life – everything from hard news like the presidential election to my daily fix of celebrity gossip to utilities like local movie listings and personal photos. It’s almost like a virtual assistant. If I could just have access to that customized info in a nice neat mobile package, my life would be better for it since I’m always on the go. For now, I’m resigned to using Post-It notes and occasionally Google text.

  • Mary Vincent

    Web 2.0 can further improve my life by providing me with the appropriate and selective ‘push’ email content that successfully overachieves without being overly intrusive.

  • Christine Kerner

    Web 2.0 doesn’t only improve my life…in some ways, it completes it. Using Web 2.0 technology, I can network with people I never would be able to using more traditional methods of communication. I can seek advice, offer support, and connect with people from all walks of life using Web 2.0. I think women, in particular benefit from Web 2.0 because our natural instinct is to socialize and connect with others. With more and more of us working from home, isolated from regular face-to-face contact, it’s a given that we will reach out and network with people online using Web 2.0. Ultimately, Web 2.0 helps me stay in touch… not only with what is happening in the world, but with everyone in it!

  • Tamra K.

    Wow has life has already changed over the recent past! — the ability to synchronously communicate with both friends and service providers, connect with others in communities whether the focus is professional networks, personal relationships, finding people we don’t yet know by face, or even being a passive voyeur (yes, thank you Facebook wall conversations!). Web 2.0 can further improve daily life by creating one-stop places and solutions to process all information and eliminating the need for additional tools — or at least continuing to better integrate our various approaches together. Also focusing on removing the clutter — cleaner and clearer solutions to simplify rather than crowd our lives….

  • Andrea

    Web 2.0 has already allowed me to connect more easily with the different types of people in my life: friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances- all more quickly and easily and even while on the go! Now I’d like to see Web 2.0 help me connect more easily and powerfully with information. Advances in search engines, pocket computers that masquerade as phones, new web portals serving me better data while analyzing it intelligently for me- I’m hoping these are indications of the direction Web 2.0 is heading. At the same time I’d excited to see all of this done in a more socially conscious context. Which is why I’d like the ticket! I’d like to learn more about creating a coherent social strategy for MY business (see my napkin and application) and would love the opportunity to attend that seminar.

  • Natasha S. Ulrich

    Web 2.0 can futher improve my daily life by providing communties and friends to advise on social level from restaurants to cool events. It has already had an impact on my life by making it easy and cost effective to stay in touch with family and friends out of country. And being able to share stories and photos. However, it can further my daily life by being a part of my life – from web to transitioning onto mobile. My cellphone is my constant companion. And it would ideal to have my family and friends with me at all times.

  • Erica Rogers

    Web 2.0 will help to simplify and enhance women’s lives by providing applications that keep her organized, content that applies to her life, and the opportunity to speak out and network with likeminded individuals.

  • http://NewYork2007 Mel Kirk

    Web 2.0 improves our lives by putting everyone on an even playing field. If you build a good app, write a good blog post or design a beautiful site – it’s out there for the world to see. It can be appreciated as it’s intended without people having to know whether it’s a guy or a girl behind it. It allows us to challenge existing limitations and build a better future for generations to come.

  • stephania serena

    looking to use my creative edge to help us all plan fun in our lives.

  • Shawn B

    Web 2.0 breaks down barriers in ways which initial encounters in the real-world cannot. Irregardless of your gender, age, ethnicity, or financial status in the material world, you are empowered to project aspects of your personality, mind, and self to a wide audience, and in turn attract those people who can help you grow, either by challenging your ideas or latching on to them. Ties that bind can be forged strongly online, and that makes for an enriching exchange which enlarges one’s world and sphere of influence.

  • Shirley Lin

    Free pass to Web 2.0 expo? Cool! I’d like to have it. Let me know if I get lucky for that!

    Thanks for offering it.

    Shirley Lin

  • daniela barbosa

    How can Web 2.0 further improve my daily life?

    What excites me the most about ‘Web 2.0’ is that it empowers the user to create things themselves- whether it is their own content, their own ‘information’ sharing and collaborating platforms or their own ‘mashups’to name a few.

    Before Web 2.0 a person like myself who is not a programmer would have no chance of going beyond creating simple html pages or perhaps javascripts without help from programmers- today i can use Web 2.0 tools to mashup content, create aggregated datafeeds, create my own social networks, use technologies that were ‘out-of-touch’ before without knowing some complex programming language. This allows me to define more of the ways i interact with friends, family and even professional relationships.

    What many call ‘Web 2.0’ and beyond will (and has!!)improve my daily life because it allows me to participate in creating innovative ways to consume content, relationships, interactions etc. not only sit back and watch.

  • Shirley Lin

    The Web 2.0 technologies directly empowers a person to interact with the web in a very instinctive and natural manner. Where Web 1.0 allowed a person to be in touch of the technology but as an outsider – as if looking to the sky from the earth. Web 2.0 allows the user to come into the center of actions where one can be part of the entire galaxy system. The sense of being able to control one’s consumption of the technology is superiorly unprecedented and inspiring.

    Not only the population absorbs the technology into the daily life in a break-neck speed, the creativity and innovation also are exploding. Having fun and applying technology are no longer two separate spheres, they are becoming more and more blending. Web 2.0 is as natural to our existence as the air, the sun and the water now.

  • Susan Bostian

    I believe that Web 2.0 can further improve my life by creating more opportunities for me to discover other women who share my passion for self improvement and the desire to help others reach their full potential. Web 2.0 can help organize the tremendous amount of news and knowledge by condensing and prioritizing, and helping me learn what I need to know in an abbreviated amount of time.

    If Web 2.0 could establish a sort of “global lost and found”, where people from around the world could present their needs and offer their services, I believe the quality of life would improve for many people around the world.

    By attending Web 2.0, I would like to become more knowledgeable, as a person and a writer, to help further the dreams of this group, by spreading the word about Web 2.0.

    Thank you

  • Vandana Deep

    Web 2.0 has revolutionized our lives completely. from social networking sites such as facebook and Linked In to virtual environments such as Second Life, it has completely changed the way we interact with each other, email is now a thing of the past. We are now being recognized by the avtaar in the social networks and by our online social reputation. These concepts are getting adopted in the enterprises as well at a very fast pace. There will be very little distinction between our interaction model with colleagues at work and with the friends outside.

  • Orli Yakuel

    I think the key word is ‘Real-Time’.
    Being located in Israel, and still be able to track the hottest news worldwide, and on a daily-basis, pointing to the fact that something have been changed.

    The way we communicate with each other, got new meaning.
    We used to track stories by RSS, now we’re tracking friends with stories on Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed etc,. it is almost like the conversation moved to the comments themselves, and friends are building a human RSS reader.

    These tools, keeping me in the loop of what’s hot or not, and helping me as a blogger, and a business woman, to always be one step ahead, to understand the users behavior better, and know how to deliver back the tools & content they need.

  • Maria Sipka

    “Who you become in 5 years will depend on the books you read and the people you meet”…

    The question is – where are you hanging out to meet these people who ultimately recommend what to read which subsequently affects your daily life?

    At the Web 2.0 event off course!

  • http://underconstruction DM D’Onofio

    How can Web 2.0 further improve your daily life-and win FULL conference passes. It has started changing already w/this posting. As a single parent i didn’t have time to explore new tech developments i was once so on top of. My mainstay was IM to communicate w/my daughter @ college. Now developing my own global marketplace business on the internet, i realize how important all these social networking and web based developments have totally changed and influenced our lives from being just “virtual” to being actual and real time and how many people base a high level of importance on what they gleen from them and how we represent ourselves. I NEED to be on the edge and be able to have a strong, positive and professional presence; yet be seen and obtainable by the increasingly younger-and powerful- generations using these tools. I find i absorb quickly by being immersed into the crowd and this conference will help me do that and strategize what i need to put into play to start building my all-important presence as i launch my business. social networking on so many levels is the key to success and i need and want to learn as much as i can as quickly as i can. i have some idea of whats out there but not how to use it or how its used. I know this conference will make me strong and present in this new and exciting world. Thank you so much for this bringing together and posting this amazing opportunity to enlighten and empower me, and every woman and individual and in turn be able to share and pass it on.

  • Margaret Rosas

    Web 2.0 holds the promise of the future web. Whether that be Web 3.0 or the semantic web — it is the future that will allow us to access information and resources in ways we have yet to imagine. The great challenge of Web 2.0 is to evolve the engagement into meaningful work that gives back in the form of profitable/sustainable businesses and an improved society for our children.

  • Christine Elia

    I will have the collective wisdom of a generation around me and accessible at all times. The isolation and risk of people’s lives will melt away when I am able to tap into the thoughts and preferences of both trusted friends and intelligent strangers who may become friends. This, for me, is priceless.

  • Stephanie

    Already Web 2.0 impacts my daily life in such an incredible way. I’m a total geek for technology.

    How it will further improve my life…now that is an exciting question.

    Here’s what I think:

    First off, my ultimate goal in life is to Change the World. Since I was 10 years old I’ve held the vision that things can be better. There has to be a way to motivate and inspire millions of people. At the time my Commodore 64 just wasn’t able to do it.

    Then the internet craze happened. I discovered my favorite piece of machinery: my Mac computer and iPhone. (I said I’m a geek right.)

    The past couple years I’ve been honored with the task of building online communities. My life has forever been changed. I’ve connected with people I would have never met in my normal day-to-day life. Just recently, our online community grieved the loss of someone that was dear to our hearts. We followed his love story, how he was going to get married in just a few days, how he worked for Green Peace and traveled around the world selfless helping thousands of people in need. While walking to meet his fiance he noticed a mother and her two young children walking across the street. A drunk man ran a red light. He was able to run out and push them out of the way. He was hit by the driver and a few days later passed away. We as an online community gathered, prayed, grieved, supported one another and grew closer through all of this interaction. I’ve never met this man in my daily in-person life, but just knowing him through an online community – my life has forever been altered. He has inspired me to take action in my own life and really make a difference.

    Thinking in terms of where this next year will go, has me giddy like a little school girl. Everyday I connect with new people around the world. Like minded people. Different people. People with different religions, backgrounds, color of their skin – it doesn’t matter. We can gather together and share about our life in an open, non-discriminitory way like never before!

    Some other ways I think my life will improve:

    Expand my awareness as to what is happening in the world. The elections are a perfect example. I’m 32 years old. I’ve never voted before this year. Due to Web 2.0 I now have this incredible interest in politics and I can hear from everyday people about what is important to them and hear from the candidates (again, like never before). Our world is now opening up in so many directions. It’s amazing!

    Be part of many different groups. If I have an interest, I can find a similar group of like-minded people. The great think about the internet and sites like is we can meet online, but then also meet in person too.

    Talk with people more openly than I would in person. Deeper, more meaningful connections. There’s just something about typing and having that instant way of documenting thoughts. Twitter is a prime example of this.

    Express myself more. Be unique. Creative. Open. With photo sites (Flickr), t-shirt making sites (Zazzle), book making sites (Blurb) and countless other ways to be expressive. The ability to be yourself and express who you are has expanded immensely.

    Organize my life with ease. Be reminded of important dates, communicate instantly across the globe.

    Back in the day we had pen pals that required a pen, paper and a stamp. Today all you have to do is type and press send. Such a powerful force. To be connected, but yet it may take me days to meet you in person via car, boat or plane.

    Gather knowledge in an instant. presidential candidate question – I can instantly look up. Need a new recipe – I can look one up. Different viewing methods for what my needs are at the time. Words. Images. Videos. It’s all instant and accessible in minutes.

    I will be able to take part in social action projects that I would not know about normally. I can watch the Ted conferences from the convenience of my home.

    I can attend college courses without having to commute 2 hours.

    I can make a video and post it online and with the power of virality, millions can view it.

    I can work with a virtual team via skype, gmail and web 2.0 applications and platforms. It’s as if we were in the same room.

    I can make a positive impact in our world. I can share my ideas, thoughts, images, videos and make a powerful ripple in our world. Through the power of our own individual voice, we can effect millions.

    Wow! I’m so excited about where we are going. Each year will advance by leaps and bounds. I’m so thankful for being a part of this pioneering time.

  • saroj yadav

    So “How can Web 2.0 further improve your daily life?”
    In so many ways it’s already improving my life by connecting me with people & places of my interest – facebook, myspace, yelp, linkedin and so many other in all different areas.

    Looking back I sometimes try to see the value it has added and it’s enormous compared to pre web 2.0. However knowledge about me & my different interests is still spread out to different networks. Web 2.0 can give me more meaningful results if it looks at all my communities. If it can add location to its results even more awesome. If it can answer my questions on the fly like yesterday I was looking for a salon in Mountain view and I was wishing someone could combine yelp, facebook & iphone to give me results at 3:30 pm yesterday.

    Similarly web 2.0 connects me with people more in virtual sense than real. When people move to new cities, when people graduate, when people decide to be entrepreneur from professionals I want web 2.0 to connect me with people like me around me so that I have easy transition. All information is already there spread out. I want web 2.0 to collect it and make sense out it for practical purpose.

    Web 2.0 has to be aggregate of all communities, be more real in real sense if it wants real people to get real benefit. too “real”? ;)

  • Sudha Jamthe

    Web2.0 has weaved into our daily life to make us informed consumers, better marketers and to make it fun to bring our real lives online. It can help us by improving our use of ease in all these areas by:
    a) Building out participating user community on sites (e.g posted this question about using web2.0, but I feel motivated to respond because I am a woman and am proud to associate with Women2.0 and I saw this post in their facebook group) so we have a place to go to for help, mentorship, learning and for making friends.
    b)Encourage real reviews and experiences on all sites for hotels, travels, all purchases helping us influence and help each other with real user’s real feedback.
    c)Helping each of us be who we really are by helping us connect with our communities online as women, as entrepreneurs, as professionals in our areas of experience, our local geography, by encouraging participating on social networks like facebook, online sites, blogs etc.

  • SarahMei

    Web 2.0 isn’t AJAX, or Rails, or lightbox popups – it’s no particular cool technology or UI meme.

    Web 2.0 means community as an integral part of any site’s functioning. Craigslist was an original Web 2.0 site, and those folks had it right 10 years before the term was coined.

    So what does it mean for us today? These sites let us meet more people, know more people, and keep track of more people than we ever could without them. These tools let us experience more people’s opinions and lifestyles, while at the same time more people are experiencing ours.

    Ultimately, Web 2.0 contributes to a richer human experience for everyone, even those who don’t use it directly, by enlarging the pool of shared human experiences. That can only be a good thing. :)

  • Marieke Hensel

    Web 1.0 was good. You could look up information from companies, email them and do business.

    Web 2.0 actually supports each and every individual to not only do business, but do business online.

    Social media helps you attract business to you online, while you’re asleep or on vacation, next to telling your story on your website, you can already start a conversation with a prospective client or a friend that can turn into a client.
    Web2.0 is helping you to collaborate. You dont have to have an office anymore, you can have your office online and work with people in different states in the US AND abroad. Work with people who have a passion for service & helping people. Web2.0 not only helps you find these people, it helps you to evaluate them (what value did they add on the internet? Blogs, forums, comments, social media, Twitter?) and even recruit the right people.

    Web2.0 is helping you to attract your business instead of going out to hunt for it.

  • Liz Strauss

    I am only learning, but Web 2.0 has already changed so much about who I am and what I am doing.

    Listening. Most surfing Internet people don’t realize the thoughts that are being shared and the hunger that we all have for being listened to. As consumers we have been in the “student’s role” of always having to listen and take what we’re told as “truth.” Web 2.0 has changed that as like minded people can now communicate and talk to each other, but more importantly listen. The power and contrived structure of focus groups is missing as we talk to like-minded “friends” that we have faith in.

    Exponential growth. Meeting daily with people who challenge what we’re thinking and feedback to us about what we communicate is something we’ve only gotten before in friendly conversation. To get it on a world-wide scale about business topics is more than thrilling. It’s growth at a pace faster than we can get anywhere in a smaller conversation.

    Humility and relationships. We’re brought up short by the folly of our miscommunication and our missteps, but the brilliance of our relationships, if we have them, save us.

    The core of the matter. Web 2.0 lets us meet at the core of the matter where we agree, not at the fringes where we differ — because that’s what works.

    Web 2.0 has taught me about people, about myself, about business and the most important thing I’ve learned is I see in other people what I first see in myself.

    Community begins inside me.

  • Jessica Kraft

    I’m not a techie, geek or programmer, but I do know that Web 2.0 can and has revolutionized the way I teach, write, design and connect with my friends and peers.

    As a teacher:
    –Web 2.0 technologies such as Blackboard help me communicate with students and share syllabi, lecture notes and assignments quickly and easily.

    As a writer:
    –Blogs and wikis enable me to track down sources and debates that were never recorded or published before.

    As a charitable donor/collaborator:
    –Google docs and wikis allow me to join a network with donors in several different countries to discuss our giving priorities.

    As a friend/family member:
    VOIP programs like skype give me a window into the world of far-away loved ones.

    And in an ironic twist, over the past two weeks I have used Web 2.0 sites to try to get a discounted pass to this Web 2.0 conference! Soliciting advice from friends on facebook and twittering about my quest to access the incredible resources available has unfortunately not yet succeeded– but this post is another attempt to convey my passion to learn about how Web 2.0 will keep pushing our world ahead.

  • Frances

    I spent the last two weeks wondering across two continents, three countries, five states, and four timezones and what amazed me about Web 2.0, was that regardless of where I was in the world, I felt seamlessly connected to the people that mattered to me. My laptop died and I had to reimage it in Florence, Italy and it didn’t matter because all my communication tools and documents were in cloud. I could send email with Gmail, check my calendar for events for before and after my return, and plan my trip always just-in-time fashion (plane tickets bought, trains identified, taxis evaluated, etc.). As triumphs and tribulations occurred (or I just needed advice), I could consult my best friend over Google Talk on my blackberry as if he was walking Europe with me or send out an all-points-bulletin on Twitter when I scaled St. Peters in Rome or had particularly touching moment at the wedding I attended in Florida.

    Without the shear about of information and access I had through Web 2.0 sites and services, my trip would not have been possible. Web 2.0 is allowing us to embrace living in a flat world without stable physical presence by letting us shift to a consistent virtual presence – I can globe trot and yet have my friends and information always with me.

  • Sarah

    Don’t you really mean how does web 2.0 already improve your life? Or how can you maximise benefit from Web 2.0 technologies?

    Anyway in answer to your question… I’ve been using Twitter for a while… and yesterday it came into it’s own…. What do you mean I hear you say… well I had a problem with my laptop (having installed some annoying software that corrupted registry info) Fortunately I backed everything up then wiped the laptop down. The only problem was I’d missed one .pst file! Ouch! It was the one with all the things I still needed to do in! (even bigger ouch!)

    However Twitter came to the rescue… along with LinkedIn. Download contacts from linked in then tweet that I’d lost the last couple of days e-mails and some of the info has already come back in again! :)

    How else is it useful. Blogging… we’ve implemented it internally as an informal method of info sharing and comms! It’s an invaluable resource.

    I could go on but it would be an essay, just a few examples of how you can use this stuff…

    ps please don’t include me in your comp I’m too far away! ;)

  • maureen

    Even people that don’t know what web 2.0 means are using it every day. What they don’t know is that this is the tip of the iceberg – the big ideas are still in the idea tank. I envision an entirely new layer of information that will change our every day lives.

  • Tina T.

    Web 2.0 has improved my daily life because it allows me to assist others regarding their health issues. Currently, I work as the online community manager for a women’s health Web site where my job is to research, verify, answer and post health information and recruit writers. When a question comes to me, I have used applications such as Twitter and Facebook (and the careful selection of groups) to field questions to other communities and find answers. While not all of my questions receive direct answers, I have been guided to resources which offer me something more absolute.

    Web 2.0 allows me to reach a wider audience (as opposed to individual e-mails) but at the same time, hone in on experts (unlike most message boards) and deliver quicker and more accurate answers. The question for me is not how has it improved my life, but how many lives through Web 2.0 can I actually improve?

  • Megan

    Summed up in a word: connection. Whether it’s connecting to other people, information, ideas, solutions, images, videos, or resources, Web 2.0 offers me a multitude of ways for me to collaborate, learn, share and communicate with others in a way that is increasingly dynamic, fast, and easy to use.

  • Allison

    I know that web 2.0 can improve my daily life by improving my connections with others. I am going through some difficult (yet exciting) life and business changes. Finding support through online communities has really helped me. My web connections in addition to my face to face support has really made me believe the statement, “You are not alone.”

  • Jessica Margolin

    The way we measure wealth, as a society, is out of alignment with our expressed values. A simple example: many people feel they make constrained healthcare decisions because they don’t have enough money to afford what they’d like to have; but in order to earn the money to have the healthcare, the same people have to work such long hours that they don’t have time to work out or prepare meals. Further, companies feel the effects of a sick workforce, and schools can’t educate sick children.

    But we all know all this is related: earnings, health, education… and ultimately community safety and health.

    So, what if a web 2.0 application that enabled people to monitor their own and children’s health was able to aggregate this information (privacy considerations of course are critical in design, but let’s assume that can be worked out)? Maybe the transparency might inspire a corporate consortium to fund sick child-care options. Or it might allow parents to decide that a little runny nose one morning is probably not an allergy this time because 1/3 of second grade has the flu.

    Web 2.0 is just a closer automated proxy for the real life social relationships we all maintain… but it’s SO much closer to reflecting human behavior than it’s ever been, it really extends the reach of our relationships, and allows the information that was anecdotal to be analyzed. (Again, without minimizing safety and privacy issues; but of course those issues exist whether or not information is used to nurture the community.)

    If we’re ever to transcend thinking that there’s “at work” vs. “at home,” we need to focus on how each individual is (potentially) a worker, a parent, a spouse, a child, a community member, a volunteer… and it’s web 2.0 that can give us this aggregated data. It’s an analogous economic data system to climatological data that would inform the ability to forecase weather in the Midwest based on ocean temperature off the coast of Japan.

  • pandey

    How will web 2.0 improve my daily life? Time management is the most critical area. In the techno world of the 21st century, we have become more productive than we used to be, but at the same time I think we have been overloaded by way too many choices. For me, I think it’s all about being able to reduce the time I take in making choices in my everyday life. What product or service I need (discovery!)? Which brand or which specific service should I go with? For example, which photo sharing site to use? Which blogs to read? Which news sites to visit? Which events to attend? And which restaurants to visit? What places to travel?

    Social recommendations are great to use if we had only 1 or 2 sites .. for example Yelp and Amazon are good… but only if they are the only two sites available on the web when it comes to buying products or viewing restaurant reviews. But now that there are thousands of niche web sites of different services and products and all of which have community ratings and recommendations, it has become really hard for me to keep track. I cannot possibly go to 20 different sites as I do not have the time to do so. If only I could see what products and services my close/good friends are consuming – and specially an aggregated data of what’s popular amongst my friends (categorized into “work friends” “ college friends” “family”) it would greatly reduce the time I take in making these choices and more importantly, discovering things I might have not even thought about until I see them on my friends radar.
    And I strongly believe, for me, social networks should play a strong role in solving this problem, as I spend copious amounts of time on them. But social networks as of today are limited in surfacing friends activity – for example today on a social network, I cannot know if 50% of my college friends use a certain video site for viewing videos; or 80% of my work friends read a certain blog; or 40% of my extended family uses a certain online photosite; or my thrifty friend Jane shops only at If I could view all of this… my job would be much simpler.

    If all my online activity was connected and transmitted to 1-2 central/primary social networks that I used, and then if I could control what I did or did not want to share with friends and with which friends… it would be a lot easier to let my friends get a glimpse of my activities and indirectly show what products and services I recommend. This of course, needs a system where we can categorize friends very clearly. For example I may not want to show my work friends what movies I have been watching, as its personal information, but I may choose to share it with my “college” friends.

    Finally, I think it will all be about the social graphs at micro level…. as different category of friends will have different sets of popular products or services they consume – this will really make life simpler.

  • Tam

    Web 2.0 is a tool. My daily life is walking my dog, hearing that my friend just got engaged, brainstorming on a whiteboard with my team at work, having dinner with my sister, meeting up with friends for drinks, reading a book before I fall asleep.

    Web 2.0 can only improve my daily life to the extent to which it can fit into my daily life. Help me find out why my dog is so listless, send a gift to my friend that I would have never thought of, send ideas back and forth within my team, find a hole-in-the-wall Ethiopian dinner place that is utterly delicious, learn that one of my old college friends is in town and available for drinks, and discover a wonderful book that inspires and enlightens so I go to sleep with happy dreams.

  • Jung Han

    Web 2.0 will help me to…
    Live a purposeful and meaningful life.

    The development of various web applications and services, and the underlying infrastructure allowed the web to be highly integrated into our everyday lives; from a one way communicative information source to a place where we can be connected to others.

    Our living conditions of 21c has satisfied our Physiological needs, which is the very basic human needs. With the help of the lawful society, the need of safety has met. Now, with the overflowing development of social networking systems, our desire to be connected to one another, to be heard of and to have a support system has been met through the “read and write”-able web. (which is one of the main element of Web 2.0, or social web) This has enabled us to not only meet the social needs but also the fourth layer of human needs; esteem needs, the desire to respect other and be respected through the various forms of online communications; such as forums, feedbacks and popularity ratings (# of comments to my post, # of visitors on my site, # of readers of my blog, and # of friends you have on facebook).

    Now I believe the web can further be integrated in my daily activities to help me *Live the life to its fullest* by satisfying my growth needs.

    Through the web, I was able to overcome the geographical, financial and also the time boundaries and explore the different parts of the world. (Cognitive needs) It has showed me the beauty of the nature and the world around me. (Aesthetic needs) Hence, gave me a desire in my heart to apply my abilities to help the ones in need that I’ve never even met (Self-actualization).

    * I explained my answer through closely looking at Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs theory.

  • Banu Ozden

    In order to have a meaningful discussion about Web 2.0, one needs to start with “a” definition of Web 2.0. Otherwise, Web 2.0 remains mainly a “hype” biz word. For this note, I assume Web 2.0 mean any application offered as a service over the web.

    Let me first list the low hanging fruits how Web 2.0 can improve my life.

    We are almost there to travel without needing to carry any laptop, paperwork, or any other gadget. Everything we need personally or for work will be out there in some web service.

    Similarly, we are close to living “light”: no one piece of paper or other memory device at home for books, healthcare data, tax data, pictures and video. We also do not need to worry loosing such things to earthquakes, fires, etc., or to aging.

    Web 2.0 will also speed up the “true” free market economies. Elimination of middleman and information efficiency will save us money and time.

    Information efficiency through all kinds web services are already saving us time and making all of us more confident. It’s hard to outsmart any of us nowadays.

    I consider “time” as one the biggest assets any of us have. Web 2.0 can achieve such time efficiencies that we might never need to leave home to take care of a work related task or to run any errands.

    The above are all great, but the low hanging fruits to be achieved by Web 2.0 type technologies.

    What I am really hopeful for is that Web 2.0 can lead to true democracies and true embracement of diversity, where everyone’s voice will be heard and everyone’s differences are respected. That’s what I am looking forward to.

  • Susan

    Hi Angie,

    I really, really, want, no, need to go to the Web 2.0 Conference!

    Please tell me that you selected me to win at least one pass!

    I look forward to hearing from you!